What is LA Style?

When we first started making pizza’s on our porch we knew little to nothing about pizza. How to make it, the history, NOTTA.

If there’s one thing you come to know about pizza is the different styles and WHERE they’re from. Growing up in and around LA you would always see, New York, New Jersey, Neapolitan, Sicilian, Chicago, etc. But nothing ever really represented LA. When we started to really get into the science of dough, the process of making dough, what ingredients to use, we really didnt have much direction other than trial and error with a few recipes we started making our dough from. Months and months of tweaking later and we have two doughs we’re really proud of, that represent us, LA Born and Raised.

Our pizza is for the what lies beyond the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.  Pizza for the everyday hard working person in Los Angeles.  Familiar toppings of the highest quality.  We take pride in not cutting corners

or compromising on quality.

We love LA.  We Love Pizza.  We hope you do too.

Our Ingredients